The craft of weaving rugs and carpets is one of the most ancient in the world. There are references to it in the Old Testament of the Bible. The oldest known rug in existence was found in Siberia and is about 2,500 years old.

More than any other craft, the handmade rug, whether it is from the Orient or the Indian tribes of North America has survived industrialization and is now in even greater demand than ever. The importance and beauty of an antique rug can be understood when one can see the immense sums that a rug can command at auction. There are however, many other types of rugs – many of them modern which also deserve our attention.

Many years experience in rugs has allowed us at Tinsley Interiors to build up a special relationship with many of the leading manufacturers in the various countries we do business with, we now have an extensive range from the traditionally styled eastern rugs to entirely new modern designs which are absolutely stunning the modern day situation. We put exclusively at your feet, providing you with a greater choice and advice.

In the area of rugs, the whole world is our inspiration and palette. India, Turkey, Egypt, China and Iran – these very names conjure up exotic colours, saffrons, blues, indigos and shimmering golds. In other words, every shade under the sun. Our rugs are produced in all these countries.